HOW to give your DOG CBD Oil

Welcome back to the Jay Frentsos Vlow where I will be going over HOW to give your DOG CBD Oil. I break down the Super Pups brand and show you how much I give the dogs in my life.

In this video, I am with my Belgian Malinois, Hazel and one of my best friends dog, George. Hazel had already had her dose of CBD that I had mixed in with her food, and it was a lot easier to show you a demonstration of HOW to give your DOG CBD Oil with my little pal George.

Super Pups 500 mg CBD Oil here:

In the Super Pups CBD tincture, there are 500 mg and each dropper fill has about 16 mgs. George is a smaller dog and is getting used to taking CBD so in this video, I only give him a 16 mg serving (one dropper full). You can always give them more so see what works for your pup and always check with your vet before using CBD on your dog.

My Belgian Malinois Hazel gets much more than George though. I usually give Hazel about 2-3 dropper fulls a day (around 48-50 mgs). I just mix it in with her food in the morning and night and she gobbles it down like there is nothing even in there.

The ingredients are super basic with just MCT Oil and Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with other natural terpenes such as CBG and CBN. This is the perfect product for those smart dogs who can sniff out additives and not want to eat his or her food.

I know CBD is new so I understand it hard to just know HOW to give your DOG CBD Oil without doing a little research. I think after watching this video you will have a better understanding of How to give your dog CBD Oil.

I kept filming the dogs for the next hour or so after I gave them the CBD Oil and it will show you how the dogs progressively become calmer and ready to relax with me and each other. Not only is this dog video cute and hilarious, but it also shows you the effects of CBD oil on dogs.

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